Performance Indicator

KPI developed by Astrika would help the Human Resources Department of any company to easily manage each Employee's Performance Management. The system can be configured to run the performance cycle on an annual, half-yearly, quarterly and monthly cycle.
Each assessment cycle's parameters can be defined for each role at company-level. An integrated solution helps ties data of multiple locations to be available at a single click for ease of use to the HR Department.
An integrated multi-level maker and checker system that will allow the employee to configure their own Performance Factors for each term.
Multi-level scoring allowing the reporting manager, skip manager and HR Heads to score each employee on an individual and bulk level.
A strong in-built reporting system helps the HR track the stage at which each employee's performance cycle is currently in.


Relationship Management

Astrika's iSales was built to benefit the sales and marketing teams. It is a web-based sales force automation system. The product helps the user to manage leads & the business they offer.
With proper data management, the user is able to track leads end-to-end. An integrated email notification that helps notify the stakeholders for meeting or call reminders. An intuitive and interactive dashboard ensures everything remains in sight. All data is user driven, hence, access permissions for each lead data is implemented to permit sharing of data with other sales team members.
iSales is built over proven, fast, and reliable Apache, MySQL, Java and Adobe Flex technologies.


Employee Intranet

Every company will require an intranet that can tie up all its employees together. This becomes a one-stop solution to all their needs. The intranet can be plugged and played into any company environment.
Our Intranet handles each employee's in & out time, allows them to regularize the same against any deviation. It allows the ability to let branches run at different timings and follow different holidays & week-offs
An in-built organizational hierarchy of employees allows listing of employee details. An employee can manage their own profile by updating their personal, family, emergency contact details.
Employees can use self-help applications such as Concern Management, Asset Management, Idea Suggestions, Feedback where a resposible team from the HR, Admin or IT Team can respond to them through the system.
A robust survey management system that allows the administrator to configure their surveys with user-defined templates.
Need security and data-driven appraisal management? Make use of our appraisal management system that generates the employee appraisal letter on the fly based on the inputs given by the HR.